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Conferences, Trade and Consumer shows and other Special Events are great opportunities for businesses and Organizations to show off, but sometimes they need a little more help with visitors. If you wish to engage, inform and entertain, SMSnet provides a text messaging platform that enables your visitors to subscribe for mobile alerts before the show or once they
are on site. Our easy to use platform enables you to text reminders, show updates, even promotional offers from yourself
or on behalf of Show Partners before the event.

During the show, event attendees can be updated with special event start times, seminar reminders, contest opportunities and show or exhibitor special offers or promotions. (We can also add Exhibitors, VIPs, Volunteers, Staff, etc. to subscribe
to a special information feed just for them.)

We provide both the process for people to subscribe plus the platform enabling you to text your subscribers. And your personalized texting platform is accessible only by you or your staff.

Social Media may help a little, but to enhance overall communications you need to deliver your message to most people, not the few familiar with social media. Using SMSnet can help provide a bridge for many recipients by providing hot links to social media sites, i.e. a link to a Facebook or Pinterest page, a Twitter hashtag, etc.

SMSnet is licensed by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association and our Short Code is 767638. You can text
the keyword “demo” without the “ ” to 767638 to receive an auto-response within seconds, regardless of which carrier you use. And naturally, we adhere to all Canadian privacy policies and there is no spam or advertising.

We recently provided the text messaging for the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance Sport Congress 2012. Our service was
used to remind delegates about special seminars, shuttle buses for off-site events, to keep attendees on track for keynote addresses and to provide social reminders and invitations to hospitality suites. Watch this short video.

Text messaging is not an “App”, and that one fact makes texting a better alternative. Only 44% of cell phones in Canada
are smart phones capable of downloading an App, but every cell phone in Canada is text capable. Most Apps require a consistent high data speed wireless signal or a localized wifi signal to launch and update, whereas with text messaging,
even a poor quality, sporadic signal will get your information delivered. And statistically, 94% of text messages are read
within 4 minutes of receipt.

If you want to offer a better Conference, Trade Show or Consumer Show experience, provide your attendees with better communication and timely updates and reminders.

                                     “Your customers are mobile; shouldn’t your communications be?” 

Free White Paper on Text Messaging
Click here for our free booklet on Text Message considerations for business and community sports organizations.

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