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Tournament SMS

TourneySMS is a text messaging solution for distributing information immediately during your Sports Tournament. This prepaid mobile alert service enables Tournament Organizers to send important text messages to the cell phones of coaches, players and parents of all visiting teams. And messages arrive within moments of being sent!

TourneySMS provides all registered teams immediate information regarding delays, cancellations, who is moving on, special events, even special tournament offers from sponsors or any other information that you, the Tournament Organizer deem is important.

No more trying to track down the right person for your answers or wasting valuable time heading off to the Tournament Headquarters to get answers. Now your tournament participants can know within minutes whatever information you want them to know! TourneySMS saves your tournament participants and their families time, money and the frustration of not knowing.

When visiting teams register for your Tournament, you inform them this text messaging service is included in their registration fee. We offer a fast and easy, online sign-up form for TourneySMS, it's just one click away.

TourneySMS is priced at $1.00 per registered player and we suggest that amount be added to the cost of your Tournament entry fee. This package gives you 10 messages to be sent to every member of every team over the course of your tournament. 

You can send your text messages by Team, Division or any other parameter, plus they are counted so you always know how many you have used. If you need to use more, we can bill you.

Tournament SMS is hosted on our secure site and is accessed by your tournament volunteers by computer or smart phone. Using TeamFinder™, our own proprietary database search engine, you can run a query for any or all teams, write a quick text message and click send. Send stats, event results, delay information, congratulatory messages, restaurant or store discounts or anything else to help make your tournament better before and after the games as well.

If you prefer not to charge your tournament registrants, you can sell text message ads or sell sponsorship of messages to your sponsors and supporters. Build the cost into your program booklet advertising fee or make text messaging sponsorship available as a premium service. You may be able to recoup all your costs or even make a profit while providing a worthwhile service to visiting teams.

There is one more consideration. . . . the environmental impact. Stopping a few hundred moms and dads from driving across town a couple extra times means less driving for no reason and less fuel being consumed. If we can do that for hundreds of organizations just like yours, the combined carbon footprint savings is huge! A few hundred is a start, a few thousand is easy, tens of thousands is a movement. It's the right thing to do.

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provide instant updates, info on delays, who’s moving on… whatever you want your participants to know!

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